Hopi Ear-Candles

Also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy, Hopi ear-candling isa wonderfully relaxing and beneficial treatment that can help with many conditions and problems associated with the ear, nose, throat, eyes, and head.


Benefits of Hopi ear-candling:

·      Treats tinnitus, compacted ear wax and glue ear

·      Treats sore throats and hay fever

·      Eases rhinitis and sinusitis

·      Reduces catarrh and soothes asthma

·      It stimulates blood and energy flow

·      It regulates pressure in ears and head

·      It aids relaxation in conditions of anxiety and stress

·      It stimulates the metabolism and lymphatic system

·      It eases headaches including migraines

·      Some clients have found having this therapy before flying helps with the side effects of jet lag

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